Release News

ecu.test 2023.4

New ODX-Diagnotics

In ecu.test 2023.4, the ODX-based diagnostics was completely revised, resulting in a number of improvements.

ecu.test calibration

ecu.test calibration ist our new extra for measurement and calibration access.

Package Mapping

Package call meets mapping concept!

Scenario and test case workflow

ecu.test and scenario.architect can be used to create end-to-end workflows in VTD and CARLA environments.

Model time for Ethernet, bus and diagnostic functions

ecu.test 2023.4 can handle an alternative model time for the Vector SIL Kit tool.

New Corporate Design

We will be celebrating our 20th birthday next year. This is an opportunity for us to refresh our corporate design.

trace.check 2023.4

Check Traces in Folder

The parameter generator CheckTracesInFolder has been expanded to include a selection of the currently supported file extensions.

Calculated plot signals in AutoSPY

Since ecu.test 2023.3, signals calculated in plot trace steps can be defined, plotted and now also displayed in AutoSPY.

Pseudo signals for AUTOSAR Pdelay
  • PacketPdelayReq
  • PacketPdelayResp
  • PacketPdelayRespFollowUp 2024 Q1

Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI)

Every release is now delivered with a Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI).

Repeating test execution tasks

Failed test execution tasks can be repeated automatically via the execution dialog of a playbook.

Eclipse BIRT Designer 4.14.0

Using Eclipse BIRT Designer 4.14.0 for report creation