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We test and integrate
– as much, as often and as automated as possible

For those in a hurry: TraceTronic develops solutions for the automated testing and integration of automotive software.

More precisely: we combat increasingly complex functions and exponentially rising data volumes in vehicles with test automation and a framework that allows the integration of even heterogeneous test landscapes, including third-party tools. That’s number one.

Number two: we have always worked – and always will – according to the principles of agile software development. This means we are really quick in adapting to changing project conditions and we always put the customer benefit first.

Still too short? Here, you can learn more about our products, our solutions and our philosophy.

We offer independent software tools to make testing easier

With our software tools ECU-TEST, TRACE-CHECK and TEST-GUIDE, we support all phases of development ranging from SiL-, MiL- and HiL-test benches to vehicle tests. All three of these tools are both system- and hardware-independent and can be smoothly integrated into existing process chains – either as autonomous components or a as a cohesive tool-chain. Read more

With ECU-TEST, you can intuitively create test cases for automotive software in every development phase and run them automatically – even without any prior knowledge of test automation and programming.

TRACE-CHECK is a tool that analyzes recorded measurement data comprehensively and automatically, regardless of where the data comes from.

TEST-GUIDE is a database application for the overview, analysis and follow-up processing of test procedures, which has been specially developed for use in the automotive sector.

For us, the product is only part of the solution

The proper climbing equipment is crucial – but it rarely gets us up the steep face by itself. Although using the right tool is also decisive in our field, it is not the only criterion on the way to a solution. Read more

You want to jump in?

Our team keeps growing. We still nurture the feel-good atmosphere of the early days and appreciate the security of the established medium-sized business. That is exactly the base to help creative minds reach the summit.

Sounds good? Then join us!