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IPG Automotive and tracetronic intensify partnership for test of ADAS and autonomous driving functions

Optimized interaction of their systems for a seamless test process at every stage of vehicle software development – from MIL, SIL, HIL to VIL.

The Automotive Test Suite will be used by the BMW Group and its suppliers in the future, for ECU testing a new generation of vehicles.

The Automotive Test Suite (AmTS) is based in tracetronic's Automotive DevOps platform and defines a quality assurance technology stack for new hardware and software releases for the BMW Group.

Volkswagen and tracetronic establish neocx – a joint venture for automated software integration

The joint venture of the two partners is building a platform for highly automated testing and integration of vehicle software and digital functions (so-called CI/CT Factory).

Laying the foundation stone for the modern building extension of tracetronic

The official foundation stone was laid on April 29, 2021 for the new building extension in Dresden with the participation of Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Dulig and Mayor Dirk Hilbert.

Release of the Automotive DevOps Platform

As a specialist in the field of test automation, tracetronic is launching the new Automotive DevOps Platform, a product that links all phases of vehicle software testing.

Data sheets

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tracetronic managing director Dr.-Ing. Peter Strähle
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tracetronic managing director Dr.-Ing. Rocco Deutschmann
ecu.test data sheet
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Corporate Design


ATZelektronik Extra 11/2021:
Use X-IN-THE-LOOP for continuous testing

In cooperation with tracetronic, Mercedes-Benz developed a continuous test methodology for different test environments (XiL) based on generic test cases. This reduced the effort required to create test case descriptions and also made it easy to compare identical test cases across different test platforms.

Success story:
Virtual parameter measurement to optimize the test process

The exact measurement of the engine parameters on the test bench is a very time-consuming and costly process. By automating and parallelizing this process with ecu.test and test.guide, it was possible to measure all the parameters in less than 6 hours. Steve Adam, tracetronic GmbH

Published 09/2020 on LinkedIn
What to expect when scenario-based testing?

With the increasing complexity of automated and autonomous driving functions, the variety of the required test scenarios and the need to automate the tests increases. Our colleague Jan Richter has dealt with this topic and writes about the topic "scenario-based testing". Jan Richter, tracetronic Inc.

Published 08/2020 on LinkedIn
ADAS/AD testing in virtual test environments

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) are often seen as key factors when we talk about traffic safety. But how can you be sure whether exactly these features actually increase security? An important point here is extensive testing during the whole development process. Jan Richter, tracetronic Inc.


Our tool tutorials provide tips and tricks for using tracetronic software products.
You can find even more on our YouTube channel.
Tutorial "how to create a test case in ecu.test"
Tutorial "how to run a test case in ecu.test"
Tutorial "how to evaluate test steps in ecu.test"
Tutorial "how to document test results in ecu.test"
Tutorial "library workspace in ecu.test"
Tutorial "automated test execution with test.guide"

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