About us

We are tracetronic.

We are experts when it comes to automated software testing – in the automotive sector and all related industries. We know exactly how software for automobiles is developed and we use this knowledge for highly efficient test automation.

We don't do this as an end in itself, but to free up our customers' resources so that they can invest them more efficiently. Our products and solutions help to ensure that clever minds can focus on software innovations rather than being tied up in manual test procedures.

Since our founding, reliability and professionalism have been our highest priorities. This applies to the brand, it applies to our products, and it applies to us. Reliability has enabled us to establish a company structure based on mutual trust. Through professionalism, we have built customer relationships that have been productive for years.

And we stay true to both, no matter where the journey takes us.
managing directors tracetronic portrait

Peter Strähle & Rocco Deutschmann | managing directors tracetronic

tracetronic is us.

We consider people to be the most important part of the organization.

We see ourselves as an agile company that develops quality software solutions for the vehicles of the future and continuously scrutinizes and improves on existing solutions. Our teams are often made up of specialists from different fields who work together to develop sustainable solutions for our customers. Our corporate structure supports our way of working. We rely on flat hierarchies, task-oriented interdisciplinary teams, a positive error culture and, above all, working together as equals.

In the words of a colleague: "We simply have a world-class team." We have nothing to add to that.
tracetronic staff members


  • Foundation: 2004
  • Head office: Dresden, Germany (Headquarters)
  • Managing directors: Dr.-Ing. Rocco Deutschmann, Dr.-Ing. Peter Strähle
  • Further locations: Ingolstadt | Munich | Stuttgart | Hamburg
  • Subsidiary USA: tracetronic Inc., Troy (MI), USA
  • Subsidiary Korea: tracetronic Ltd., Seoul area, Korea
  • Subsidiary China: tracetronic Software Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • Joint Venture with Volkswagen: neocx GmbH
  • Majority stake: SIListra Systems GmbH

Origin and growth

how it all started

How it all started

You could say that tracetronic arose from the challenge of the automotive industry to reliably secure communicating control units in the vehicle. The “Systematic ECU test” research project of the TU Dresden's Institute of Automotive Engineering accepted that very challenge and thus set the basis for our company today.

Four spirited employees took the chance and founded the tracetronic GmbH out of this research project and literally turned their love for testing into a profession.

We have grown – and still stay true to ourselves

Since this beginning with a “start-up basement atmosphere” (yes, we did indeed start in a basement and no, it wasn’t much more inspiring than working in the actual office later on) many things have changed. We have grown quite a bit and became international, we moved to a new building in Dresden Gittersee, we have developed new products, we opened new company sites (also overseas) and we have acquired new customers.

And yet, we are still the same: our founders still own the company and actively contribute to it. As a company, we are still independent and have kept our philosophy – although we certainly train ourselves in this field and are enthusiastic about sociocratic approaches. And we do keep looking for clever and sustainable solutions for the complex tasks in the area of testing and integrating automotive software.

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