trace.check 2023.4

Highlights at a glance

Calculated plot signals in AutoSPY

Since ecu.test 2023.3, signals calculated in plot trace steps can be defined and displayed. Such signals are now also displayed in AutoSPY. For each episode, they are listed in the Calculated plot signals signal group.

If AutoSPY is opened from the report in the context of a plot step, only plot signals of this step are displayed. All other plot signals are initially hidden and can be displayed later if required.
ecu.test Release 2023.4 Überarbeitetet ODX-Diagnose
ecu.test Release 2023.4 Überarbeitetet ODX-Diagnose

Parameter sets for analysis packages

In order to realize generic trace analyses at project level in large quantities, it is now possible to use parameter sets under analysis packages. If the parameter set overwrites mappings, the new GetUsedMappingItems() method must be implemented.
ecu.test Release 2023.4 Überarbeitetet ODX-Diagnose

CheckTracesInFolder for additional recording formats

The standard CheckTracesInFolder parameter generator has been expanded to include a selection of currently supported file extensions. This allows you to use it for a variety of recording formats even without individualization.
ecu.test Release 2023.4 Überarbeitetet ODX-Diagnose

Pseudo signals for AUTOSAR Pdelay

AUTOSAR Pdelay is a protocol to measure latencies in the Ethernet network and is related to the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). The following new pseudo signals are available for PCAP(NG), BLF and MDF4 bus logging for simplified access.
  • PacketPdelayReq
  • PacketPdelayResp
  • PacketPdelayRespFollowUp

AutoSPY Analyzer: Improved search for measurement values

The search function for measured values in the AutoSPY Analyzer has been expanded and optimized. It offers two new options for continuing the search at document boundaries and for displaying all points found within a defined signal condition explicitly.

The new comparison operations has sample and has no sample make it possible to find the next point in time when a signal has an (arbitrary) sample or no sample anymore.

The search process is now also more user-friendly and significantly faster than before.

New corporate design and new spelling of trace.check

We will be celebrating our 20th birthday next year. 

We are taking this anniversary as an opportunity to refresh our corporate design.

TraceTronic changes to tracetronic and in addition to minor adjustments to the company logo and the spelling, product logos and icons will also change in order to create a uniform overall appearance.

ECU-TEST changes to ecu.test, TRACE-CHECK to trace.check and TEST-GUIDE to
ecu.test Release 2023.4 ecu.test Szeanrios-Workflow-Schema

The most important thing for you: Apart from visual aspects, nothing changes. 
Your workspaces and automations remain unaffected.
ecu.test Release 2023.4 ecu.test Szeanrios-Workflow-Schema