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TEST-GUIDE is a database application for the overview, analysis and follow-up processing of test procedures, which has been specially developed for use in the automotive sector. It significantly facilitates the management of test resources. At the same time, it encourages cross-role cooperation, thereby closing the gap between test execution and test management.


Processes only work if they can be truly lived, not least through tools that are precisely tailored to the project requirements. Hence, with TEST-GUIDE we strongly focus on its use in the automotive sector. Guided reviews and a simple generation of deficiencies (e.g. with JIRA) build the basis for a smooth continuous-testing workflow. The fact that we rely on established standards, such as ASAM ATX (Automotive Test Exchange), allows for an easy integration into any automotive tool chain (e.g. with Jenkins, ECU-TEST, Canoe, JIRA, etc.)

TEST-GUIDE UebersichtTEST-GUIDE UebersichtTEST-GUIDE Uebersicht


TEST-GUIDE helps to bring the different roles of the testing process to one table and offers a common work space for different perspectives. Whether you need details or the big picture (e.g. test case execution vs. test case coverage), TEST-GUIDE generates the proper view for each role and easily provides an overview of what happens in the process. This encourages cooperation, even beyond one’s own project’s boundaries, and thus links the different roles in the testing process, which otherwise often act autonomously.


Besides connecting teams, TEST-GUIDE also allows the combination of different test data and its flexible use for evaluation. For instance, regression tests can be easily compared, HiL-monitoring data used for reviews and variant information from different areas used to develop solutions. The requirement, parameter and variant coverage can be defined as required, which enables easy handling of dynamic information (which, by the way, definitely supports ASPICE-processes with regard to traceability). In order not to lose track of things, we have also integrated a reporting system into the product. All data can either be aggregated in documents or fed back into the respective company system.


According to the principles of agile software development, TEST-GUIDE is not a static product, but a living tool that we steadily refine together with our customers. In doing so, we rely on modern web technology, which allows us to access result data from the desk as well as on the road via mobile devices. At the same time, the data is prepared graphically in a way so that it can be interpreted quickly for the corresponding evaluation case.

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