test.guide 2023 Q4

Highlights at a glance

Secret variables

Secret variables can be defined on the overview page for variables of the test execution distribution.

In difference to public variables, these are passed as environment variables to command steps or a started ecu.test during test execution and are not available as constants in the individual ecu.test steps.

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    Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

    The Artifact Management supports Microsoft Azure Blob Storage as a new storage type.

    Authentication to Azure Blob Storage is possible using a shared key or username and password.

    Artifacts can be uploaded directly to the storage via test.guide and downloaded from there. Currently it is not yet possible to publish the artifacts in the form of a link in test.guide via Azure Blob Storage.
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    OpenID Connect authentication

    For ALM systems such as Octane, secure login is possible using technologies such as OpenID Connect, OAuth, or SAML.

    For the connection to Octane, SSO authentication via OpenID Connect is now supported and allowing test.guide users to log in securely as of version 1.157.0.
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    Jira connection for execution tasks

    For test.guide execution tasks, there is the new option Add issue tracker links. With this, (Jira) tickets can be added directly when creating an execution task in test.guide.

    On the ticket, you will then see a comment. This comment shows which task is executed and what the status of the task is. The state change is then commented in each case.

    The issue tracker (Jira type) must be configured in the project settings. After that, one or more links can be defined in the execution task.

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    Viewing test.guide key indicators in AutoSPY

    The KPIs over multiple test case executions can now be viewed not only on the test.guide detail page.

    Using the new Export AutoSPY button, all key indicators of a test case in the filtered time range can be exported as an *.astrace file. Then, the results can be viewed and analyzed in more detail in the AutoSPY Viewer or in the AutoSPY Analyzer for ecu.test.

    Note: This new functionality is also available in the Export view of the report filter.
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    HashiCorp Vault for HTTPS Authentication

    "With Vault, tokens, passwords, certificates, keys and other sensitive data can be stored securely and the access to them can be strictly controlled."

    Access data for third-party systems in test.guide, e.g. Git and SVN, can now also be provided via the external HashiCorp Vault Secret Manager.
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    Under Project Settings > Secret Management, a secret management of the type Vault can be configured. The credentials of the configured Vault can be used to authenticate an SCM configuration over HTTPS.

    Navigation links configuration

    In the test.guide navigation, team links can be added to the project. In this way, all important data can be accessed quickly from test.guide.

    Add the links under Project Settings > App Links.
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    New corporate design and new spelling of test.guide

    We will be celebrating our 20th birthday next year. We are taking this anniversary as an opportunity to refresh our corporate design.

    TraceTronic changes to tracetronic and in addition to minor adjustments to the company logo and the spelling, product logos and icons will also change in order to create a uniform overall appearance.

    ECU-TEST changes to ecu.test, TRACE-CHECK to trace.check and TEST-GUIDE to test.guide.
    The most important thing for you: The release of test.guide with the new corporate design only changes visual aspects, such as the user interface and help.

    All files published by us, like test.guide binaries, have not been changed. This is to ensure, that deployment automation can remain unchanged for the moment and work without any modifications!
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