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Are you planning to test High Performance Computing platforms (HPCs) developed on Adaptive AUTOSAR? The demo "ECU-TEST Adaptive AUTOSAR" shows possible scenarios with which you can experience how ECU-TEST simplifies and accelerates your test processes by means of the seamless integration of different access interfaces and the support of many standardized protocols and data formats.

The focus in this product demo will be placed particularly on the test description capabilities for service-based communication. In addition, the use of the Ethernet network protocols SOME/IP, DLT, SSH is clearly demonstrated. The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform is a key technology for the most important trends in the automotive E/E sector. It is increasingly being used in highly automated driving and vehicle networking (V2X) in particular. Adaptive ECUs allow applications to be extended and software functions to be updated throughout the vehicle's whole lifecycle. Within the vehicle, Ethernet will both permanently change the networking structure and multiply the data throughput. ECUs running an Adaptive platform are interconnected via an Ethernet network. The increasing automation and communication of vehicles is leading to ever greater volumes of data. Therefore, the AUTOSAR adaptive platform with high-performance central computers and Ethernet-based and service-oriented communication provide the optimum basis for future vehicle architectures.

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Multimedia and infotainment testing with ECU-TEST

Are you looking for a test automation tool to analyze the user interface of an infotainment system or to check the connectivity between smartphone and car? ECU-TEST has powerful adapters for automated testing of multimedia content.

Using the multimedia adapter, images or video sequences from image files, web URLs, streams, screenshots or directly from the cameras can be used for analysis. In this demo, for example, the analysis templates and API methods released by TraceTronic are applied

  • to compare images or find icons and symbols,
  • to recognize text in different languages on the image using its own OCR library,
  • to find the position of icons, symbols or text,
  • to filter, rotate or invert images,
  • to find images in a video stream or
  • to reduce video resolution

The operation of a smartphone can be easily automated using the Appium tool adapter. The adapter enables, for example,

  • unlocking the device,
  • starting Apps,
  • recording images or videos for later analysis and
  • using different touch gestures such as typing or sliding on the screen
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Scalable Test Execution with TEST-GUIDE

You want to distribute countless tests to your available test benches optimally or scale the throughput in virtual test environments dynamically? TEST-GUIDE orchestrates the parallel execution of your tests distributed across different systems, ensures the best possible utilization and monitors the current status of the test resources.

In this product demo, we use the Docker container technology as an example to show how easy it is to implement the execution of test cases on multiple ECU-TEST instances with TEST-GUIDE. This demonstrates how scalable testing is possible in your corresponding environment. Docker is fundamentally very well suited to support fully virtualized testing. It makes it easier to set up test environments as well as create many instances. Are you planning to use Kubernetes? No problem either - we support you.

Our tool chain is ready to go for any computer system - for any number of physical machines, virtual machines or even in containers.
We show you how scalable testing is also possible in your model environment.

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Scenario-based testing with CarMaker

Are you facing the challenge of parameterizing the scenarios in your environment simulation and calculating meaningful key figures? ECU-TEST and TEST-GUIDE support you during test execution and follow-up.

In this product demo, we demonstrate scenario-based testing to you using our tool chain and CarMaker. The selection of scenarios is managed in the TEST-GUIDE database for higher-level collaboration. Via a direct connection to the test automation tool ECU-TEST, a concrete scenario with simple parameter variation can now be created and the test execution can be automated. Subsequently, the covered parameter spaces are evaluated and their criticality verified in order to evaluate the results of the ADAS software function. The test report in TEST-GUIDE contains a meaningful overview of all test executions and enables analysis and follow-up.

It is not important which simulation tool is used for scenario-based tests. Our tools support: IPG:CarMaker, Vires:VTD, Mechanical Simulation Corporation:CarSim, dSpace:ModelDesk, Synopsys:Silver and many other simulation tools.

Further product demos are available:

  • "Continuous Testing with the TraceTronic platform" provides insights into a complete and continuous test process based on our tools TEST-GUIDE and ECU-TEST in combination with Jenkins, CarMaker and an FMU as test object, which was created from an ACC MATLAB/Simulink model. This demo shows how continuous testing is possible parallel to the development process.

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