Update on the extension building

"Will it ever be finished?" "What's taking so long?" "Have you run out of money to continue building?" We've heard these and similar questions a lot over the past year. Time for an update and an honest look behind the scenes of our new building project.

We laid the foundation stone for our extension in 2021. Originally, we wanted to be finished in 2022, but now it's 2024 and construction is still underway. What has happened?

A look behind the scenes

When we drew up the first plans for our extension, we thought to ourselves: "Hey, we already have a great building. Let's just build another one, but bigger." The idea was simple: more space for more people to work. But then corona came along and turned everything upside down.

With the sudden changes brought about by the pandemic, it was clear that a "normal office" was no longer going to get anyone out from behind their desk at home. Mobile working has revolutionized the way we want to work. The office of the future must offer more than just a place to work - it must be a place to meet and collaborate.

So, we have radically revised the interior concept. We planned meeting spaces, rethought corridors and threw the original ideas overboard. And that took time, because "agile building" unfortunately doesn't exist yet. If you change the plan in the middle of construction, it takes time. Much longer. But we are convinced that the efforts and delays will be worth it.

Since September 2023, our construction site has been really busy again and everyone involved is pulling in the same direction. We are incredibly grateful for the commitment of our team, the construction workers and all our partners who have made this progress possible. Nothing should now stand in the way of our grand opening party at the end of October. Over the next few weeks, we will keep you up to date with construction updates and let you peek through the keyhole in advance.

We would like to thank our employees and partners for their patience and understanding. We are already looking forward to creating a place at our campus where ideas can grow. We are convinced that the wait will be worth it.

The construction project is co-financed by taxes based on the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.