ecu.test meets XCP - for best ECU performance


A new extension for ecu.test is now available. It allows access to measurement and calibration quantities of ECU functions without external tools – ecu.test calibration.

For measurement, calibration and evaluation, you need access to the internal variables and signals of the control units. In the automotive sector, special measurement and calibration protocols such as XCP, CCP or iLink RT are used for this purpose. In the past, ecu.test did not support these directly, but outsourced the task to various 3rd party tools that were only controlled by ecu.test.

With ecu.test calibration, a dedicated XCP interface is being established for the first time. XCP is short for "Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol" and is an ASAM-standardized protocol that allows the exchange of data between different development tools and ECUs. This exchange currently includes reading measurement data in real time and writing calibration parameters. It is also possible to record and evaluate variables in MDF4 file format.

XCP can be used for different communication interfaces (CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet). Currently, ecu.test calibration offers Ethernet access via TCP and UDP.

In future, the range of functions will be expanded to include other communication interfaces like CAN and FlexRay.

You want to see ecu.test calibration in action? Then take a look at our video. And if you're interested in ecu.test calibration, just get in touch with us.