Easily manage test executions with playbooks


Playbooks belong to test.guide like test case packages to ecu.test. How to work with playbooks and how to distribute them to executable test tasks, we will show you in our latest video.

First, a few sentences explaining what it's all about: In general, playbooks describe a test scope for the fully automated execution of test jobs via test.guide.

In detail, playbooks contain an ecu.test workspace, the required test resource, necessary steps for the preparation and post-processing of the test execution and the actual test cases to be executed. With this information, test.guide can manage the entire test process. Even the upload of the test reports generated after the test execution is done automatically. Sounds good, doesn't it?

With Playbooks, you can minimize many manual steps and at the same time, you only execute those parts of the ecu.test Workspace that are necessary for the planned test scope. The creation is very easy, because test.guide already offers a comprehensive playbook editor for all necessary steps. Just select files, save them and get started. And if multiple test resources are available, you can also split the playbook when starting the execution to distribute the test execution to multiple test resources. Another additional time saving.

Are test.guide playbooks your last missing puzzle piece in the continuous testing process? Feel free to ask us for more details - we'd be happy to hear from you.