Highly automated test execution with test.guide


Starting software tests manually? That was once. With test.guide, you can execute all open test tasks in the correct order on the correct test resource automatically – even in a continuous loop.

In our latest video, we show you exactly how this works. If you prefer reading instead of watching, we also have a short explanation for you here:
The workflow for automated test execution is based on our tools test.guide and ecu.test, which which perfectly match each other. We use test.guide to plan test executions, manage test results and monitor test resources. While ecu.test is used to implement and execute the test jobs.

The test execution is controlled by the test.guide ResourceAdapter, which is installed on the test resource just like ecu.test. From there, it controls the local execution of the tests. After completion, the ResourceAdapter sends the results back to test.guide for analysis and then releases the resource for further tests. Fully automated. According to the test volume, this infrastructure can also be scaled and test executions can be distributed to different resources.

Would you like to reduce the many manual and time-consuming steps and optimize your continuous testing process? We are pleased to help you with the setup and also with any questions about our tools. Just get in touch with our support.