From 0 to 100 - our booth becomes interactive


Many times a year, we are on the road at recruiting fairs. Since this April, we can no longer just tell you how versatile our tools are - we can also show it: with our ecu.test Playstation demonstration. We got the idea for this from our student Ben Margott. He connected ecu.test with Gran Turismo 7 and analyzed the driven laps in detail.

Now this idea has become a highlight at our booth. When racing live on the Playstation, skill and sensitivity are required not only in the curves. Because while you are really going for it, a test case developed especially for the race is started in ecu.test, which tracks the driven lap with regard to different measured quantities.

For this purpose, the transmitted signals of the car racing simulator are recorded and saved into a file. After finishing the race, the data is automatically analyzed with trace.check. At the end, you get an individual report of the lap you were fastest on. This overview contains details about the speed you drove, your own acceleration behavior and how often you hit the brakes.

It's a lot of fun - for us and for the students. Come and visit us.