The results of the Stellantis Hackathon are in: We are ready for the cloud!


In the beginning of March, we participated in the Stellantis and Amazon Web Service (AWS) Hackathon in Rüsselsheim, Germany and proved that we are capable on every level!
In collaboration with about 70 other software experts, we spent a whole week focusing on Stellantis’ cloud-based product development environment "Virtual Engineering Workbench" (VEW). This virtual platform is designed to enable continuous integration, testing and validation of vehicle software within a global partner network. The project was defined by seven different use cases.

Our use case had the working title "End-to-end Testing". A topic tailored to our skillset, as we already use end-to-end workflows to validating software-defined vehicles. Our experience enabled us to optimize and adapt the processes from automated startup to execution and termination of tests for Stellantis. The result? The time we invested in the last weeks and months to make our tools compatible with cloud environments was worth all of the effort and everything worked exactly as we had imagined. Specifically, we were able to complete the following tasks:

  • Analysis and optimization of continuous integration workflows
  • Support for dynamic provisioning of virtual test resources
  • Fully automated test execution planning in for commit-triggered functional validation in ecu.test
  • Aggregation of test results from all test stages – from health checks and sanity checks to functional validation – to establish overall traceability for assessing the quality of functional adaptation
  • Upload of all test results to for fast and timely feedback
  • Integration of the utilized test management and defect tracker tools into

This was a successful and educational week for us, which Michael Mausbach of Stellantis summarized as follows: "We also had the tracetronic team there so that they could reprogram and adapt their software to our needs on-the-fly, but then quickly realized that everything was already working. A configuration change or a script here and there and it was up and running - we were very impressed with how easy it was!"
We could hardly have received better praise, thank you very much! We are looking forward to continuing our work with Team Stallantis in the future!