Artifact synchronization with


With the artifact management we are currently building a central depository where all software and software artifacts can be managed in separate depositories. Artifacts not only refer to work results of software development, but also documents, description files, test data or configurations. Centralization ensures that all those involved always have access to this relevant information.

In parallel, the ecu.test requirements to configure various depositories and access their artifacts, were also met. The focus of this first prototype synchronization between ecu.test and is on providing A2L and HEX files. These are referenced by an ID in a depository instead of a (local) file path. Only the configuration and the test case are necessary in ecu.test for running the test itself. The required artifacts are automatically retrieved from the depository when the configuration is started. In this way, not only can the actual workspace be kept lean, but the test data organization also runs independently in the background.

In our latest YouTube video, we show how easy it is to use this feature. Only four steps, a few clicks and inputs are required to meet all test requirements.

But see for yourself! We are also happy to help you with the setup and with any questions about our tools.