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Let’s be completely honest: people spend a lot of time together at work. Knowing this, we have created a zone for fostering our mutual well-being. We like to call this our “pony farm”.

The design and upkeeping of our farm is extremely important to us and, frankly, that’s why we need you to help us. By using your very own and specific skillset, you will not only successfully propel yourself forward, but also your team, and thereby provide value to our customers.

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Our teams

We don’t try to change you to fit your position.We want you just the way you are. In our company, everyone brings their strengths to the table and makes the team better through individuality and key competencies.

Take a peak at the following statements from your potential future colleagues to get a feel for what we are talking about:

Team ADAS-Tools, Dresden

„Automated/Autonomous driving is an enormously complex and diverse subject. That's why I'm glad that TraceTronic gives me a great deal of insight into the different technologies and methods in a wide range of areas. In our communicative team, we are actively engaged in developing new features for our customers. Most of all, I appreciate the atmosphere of openness and the freedom in the company, which enables me to implement my ideas.“
Fabian, Dresden

As the ADAS Tools Team, although officially part of product development at the Dresden location, in practice we are also pursuing many different avenues. Our core tasks include the integration of ADAS-specific test tools in ECU-TEST and the development of innovative test methodologies. Here we proceed in two-week sprints on the basis of the scrum model. During the development phase, we are in a really unique "pioneering" position from a thematic perspective. This is why we have a lot of innovative topics, which we also develop through our participation in national research projects – including by the building of software prototypes.

For the most part, our development stack consists of Python with elements of C++ and Java. The further development of our continuous integration platform is very close to our hearts. Equally important to us is the containerization of our tools for cloud operations to enable comprehensive parallel tests of ADAS models and software components.

We appreciate the proximity to our customers and evaluate new features and concepts together. For this purpose, we are in close cooperation with them while also providing 3rd-Level support.

Apply here for a job with the Team ADAS-Tools!

Product Development Team, Dresden

„For about a decade now, I have enjoyed combining my knowledge and experience in the areas of computer science with the automotive expertise of my colleagues. This way, we were able to develop entirely new tools with a high practical impact.“
Manuel, Dresden

Within the product development team(s), we create and craft our ECU-TEST, TRACE-CHECK and TEST-GUIDE software products.

Ever since 2009, our current number of eight teams (each staffed with three to six developers) have been working based on the Scrum framework and principles. Our sprints last two weeks and are always followed by reviews and retrospectives. We all chime in to continuously develop our agile-oriented process, as we must meet the requirements of customers and face the challenges of rapid growth. Interdisciplinary meetings across our teams and our common vision ensure that all teams develop our products in the same prolific direction. Following every sprint, we hand out alpha and beta versions to our customers. Lots of our software users are co-located within the building and utilize the features of our tools in their projects (e.g. Mosaik Team, Team Testing & Validation). With this advantage, we can carry out all kinds of commissioning without complications. It also leads to a more frequent feedback loop.

In our software world, we use Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript and TypeScript to create not only conventional desktop applications, but also BigData methods and web-based applications. Depending on the practical use, we employ XML, JSON, SQL and NoSQL for data repository. One extremely important digital asset is our Jenkins-based test and integration environment. We nurture and develop this environment as a community and can therefore optimize our very own testing processes along with our tooling landscape.

In order to offer the best possible support to our customers, we also acquire special knowledge from the automotive industry, as well as a broad and profound understanding for the processes and methods applied by our clients. Finally, we extend our services to customer-related tasks associated with initial operations, 3rd-level-support and basic coordination, which are vital to keep building on the mutual understanding of requirements.

Apply here to get drawn into the world of the team product development!

IT-Team, Dresden

„In the IT Team, we fully live the subject of infrastructure. In our in-house computer center, we operate our TraceTronic cloud with all the services we need as an IT company. Virtualization clusters, SAN, hundreds of VMs, containers, servers, clients and even a few printers – everything networked across several locations. We have our network with its large number of VLANs, the DMZ and VPNs under control – and if the building technology should go on strike, then we also know what to do.“
Clemens, Dresden

The day-to-day work in the IT Team is extremely varied. In addition to managing employee laptops or providing VMs for development teams, we also perform tasks such as license management, maintenance of a range of different systems and cataloging all the electronic devices. We are also responsible for equipping conference rooms and maintaining the telephone system. From here in Dresden, we are responsible for all the TraceTronic locations and visit them every three months to provide them with on-site support.

We offer our colleagues the full range of support from a single source. From 1st-level support – when the driver goes on strike, via troubleshooting in the event of problems occurring with services through to supporting the various teams in operational and process safety. We use Ansible to administer many of our virtual machines and write automation scripts with Python, Powershell or Go. With our monitoring, we ensure that no problems remain hidden from us.

We plan our tasks in sprints. Although you are free to choose the next ticket, escalations or tickets with due date are preferred. In two daily coordination meetings - the morning round and the lunchtime round - we keep each other informed about the various tasks and any possible obstacles. With a large number of checklists, detailed documentation and comprehensive reviews, we achieve a harmonized approach– regardless of which team member processes which task.

Apply here for a job with the IT-Team!

Team Mosaik, Dresden

„On customer soil, we are highly representative for TraceTronic as a company. That involves all domains. When we are speaking with customers, we are usually reeled in to give our technical opinion on various projects, whereever we can offer know-how and experience. Within our team, we subsequently come up with adequate solutions, so that the entire testing process of our customers is perfectly implemented with our software tooling.“
Jan, Dresden

At TraceTronic, it’s good etiquette to support our customers in using our tools. Not every project needs a large team to do so. No one, though, likes to work alone (because that’s no fun) and therefore we have the Mosaik Team. We are a mixture of various small projects that help each other out when technical disaster strikes, or when a second opinion comes in handy.

We have a high diversity in customers, who are located in Japan, China, India, Egypt, or the US and our tasks offer a similar sort of variety. It is not a rare sight to see one “jetting” through web meetings with different time zones, or that we find ourselves at the virtual table with people from different continents. That is not to say that we don’t interact with our customers in real life as well, as our on-site presence is highly valued and characteristic of the projects that hustle and bustle within Mosaik.

Apply here for a job with the Mosaik Team!

Agricultural Technology Safety Team

„Before I joined TraceTronic, I didn't even know what ‘agile way of working’ meant. Now I can't imagine anything else. Together with the team, I can face new challenges, and contribute and further develop my own strengths.“
Oliver, Dresden

The customer our team works for is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural technology. We therefore have a test focus outside the automotive sector. Although the technologies used are similar, the functions tested are different. As part of our project, we accompany the test process and test automation from the requirement through to the evaluation. As it is important to have a personal level to the customer, we regularly go on business trips.

Within our team, we work according to the KANBAN principle: every morning, we discuss in the daily scrum what tasks we have set ourselves for the day. This helps the individual team members to focus – we jointly set priorities and mutually support each other. For us, team interest takes precedence over self-interest. In consultation with colleagues, everybody can organize their day freely within their area of responsibility. We live an open communication and error culture. This means that problems can be addressed at any time – for example, getting help from team colleagues or providing support in other areas.

To improve processes and cooperation, we also regularly conduct retrospectives. In these, we look back together and evaluate what worked out well and what went wrong, with the aim of learning for the future.

And if all that wasn't enough communication for you, then you should experience one of our joint lunches.

Apply here for a job with the Agricultural Technology Safety Team!

Team Test & Validation, Munich

„Working in Munich, for all our teams, is characterized through intensive cooperation and communication with our contractual partners. This holds true across all engineering projects, yet equally applies to our technical support and development of our products. Our customers appreciate our ability to be a competent discussion partner – not least due to our vibrant application of agile procedures and our ambition to always go beyond what’s expected. This is how we maintain one of our central principles: Customer value always comes first."
Sven, Munich

During our long-lasting partnership with our customer, a Bavarian car manufacturer, we were able to establish ourselves asa trustful and sought-after problem solver. It all started in 2005 in the field of test automation of electronic control units. Meanwhile, we have also started dealing with the validation of battery control units and data analysis of test fleet vehicles. Our customers benefit from our wide-ranging know-how and support. Our true emphasis, however, lies on test planning, automation, execution and analysis. Best case scenario: we can do all these things and combine our forces in one project.

Quite understandably, we also use our own products, ECU-TEST, TRACE-CHECK and TEST-GUIDE for the technical adventures in our Munich environment. Our goal is to provide individually tailored solutions for our customers that perfectly integrate into their tool environment and related processes. We don’t stop at making wishes come true, we always try to think outside the given box. Through innovate ideas, we help in advancing all stakeholders in their technical endeavors. Because we are constantly in touch with our colleagues in Dresden, we easily forward potential improvements to the product development teams. And this is how we are able to validate the newest car features and functionalities in short periods of time.

Apply here to accompany the Testing & Validation Team on their technical adventures.

Test Innovations Team, Ingolstadt

"DMy first six months have gone by, and what I noticed right away and throughout: everyone here is living a mindset heavily focused on the team. We are all tackling our goals together, so that I am happy to say that teamwork isn’t just an idea – we walk our talk. This expressed itself through the tangible support of my colleagues right after I had started working. This helped me to take on new and difficult tasks. Since I knew the team would be there for me, I had no issues with the technical demands rooted in our range of tasks. This definitely keeps me going on a daily basis, so that I am looking forward to an exciting new day, every day. …and: the pizza is delicious! "
Benjamin, Ingolstadt

At our office in Ingolstadt, we oftenspend most of our time with the customer on-site. We ensure a smooth, efficient and fully automated operational process of various test benches within the automotive environment. The range of complexity ranges from simplistic component-based test benches through to interconnected compound test benches, which are comparable to “real” vehicles with regard to the testing conditions. But our core activities include not only the maintenance of these test benches, but also – and primarily – the continuous development and improvement of the test automation. The broad base of knowledge, stemming from the development of our own products, is also a value chain-related benefit to our customers. Additionally, we create synergetic effects by backchanneling our practical experiences to our colleagues in the product development team.

Every day holds the promise for new and exciting tasks. Of course, we have to complete some repetitive assignments, but we are proud of what we do and every day is different. It doesn’t matter whether it's launching new components on the test benches, the analysis of test cases, the implementation of new functionalities while repairing critical errors during the test process, or one of countless more exciting things to do. We strive to 'Being agile instead of doing agile'.

In the evenings, we sometimes get together for cooking or baking sessions (we make our own pizza and bread), play a game of foosball or engage in a couple rounds of fun in the driving simulator. And we really appreciate how the company supports our ideas, no matter whether work- or leisure-related.

Apply here or a job with the Test Innovations Team.

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Our office locations

You have room for improvement in geography? Find out more about where we operate.


  • Our home ever since we originated out of a university project in 2004
  • Personal shelter of our main pony farm since 2013
  • Size of farm: large paddock
  • On-site teams: software development of the TraceTronic Test-Tool-Suite, central supporting functions, engineering projects
  • Alright, alright, alright… we admit that this area of Dresden isn’t really considered a hot spot. Yet, we would like to mention the great running tracks in green surroundings and we also like to think that taking the bike up to work can be a great physical challenge (or pleasure) for anyone. And don’t worry: we do have showers.

Dresden Headquarters
  Stuttgarter Straße 3, 01189 Dresden, GERMANY

How to find us


  • Ever since 2004, our company colonists were drawn to the most Northern town of Italy
  • Personal shelter of our pony farm since 2013
  • Size of farm: workshop gang
  • On-site teams: customer service teams for software development and engineering, some supporting functions
  • Well, yes, Munich isn’t the cheapest place to live in. But beauty does have its price tag. The welcoming beer culture, the Alps at a stone’s throw and a positively rampaging atmosphere will make you feel at home.
  • Pay us a flying visit and enjoy the personal touch of a room in our company-owned apartment. It’s within 5 minutes walking distance to the office and provides a homey alternative to a hotel in the city.

  Taunusstraße 38a, 80807 München, GERMANY

How to find us


  • Our Bavarian enclave providing the first workplaces for our settlers since 2009
  • Personal shelter of our pony farm since 2014
  • Size of farm: soccer team
  • On-site teams: customer service teams for software development and engineering
  • Trust our judgment: Ingolstadt isn’t a world metropolis (yet). Nevertheless, lying directly on the Danube river, you will find plenty of reasons to enjoy the area. Plus, we have heard that the cooking skills of our colleagues can sweeten an endless amount of lunch breaks.
  • When coming to visit, you may enjoy the personal touch of a room in our company-owned apartment. It’s about 10 minutes walking distance to the office and provides a homey alternative to a hotel in the neighborhood.

  Friedrichshofener Straße 1h, 85049 Ingolstadt, GERMANY

How to find us


  • The company went rural starting in 2016
  • Personal shelter of our pony farm since 2018
  • Size of farm: start-up crew
  • On-site teams: customer service teams for engineering projects
  • Yes, we are very much aware that the town of Möglingen is not exactly Stuttgart. Honestly though, our backyard office flair spells FAMILY in capital letters (see!!) and our customers are nearby, accessible without getting stuck in traffic jams all the time.

  Bahnhofstraße 44, 71696 Möglingen, GERMANY

How to find us


  • TraceTronic represented since 2018 in the North German pearl Hamburg
  • Personal shelter of our pony farm since 2021
  • Size of farm: Almost volleyball team
  • On-site teams: customer service teams for engineering, acquisition and supportt
  • Well, yes, Hamburg isn’t the center of the German automotive industry, but other vehicles and machines also have control units whose software needs to be tested automatically. Between Landungsbrücken and the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, it's easy to work in a modern workspace.

Standort Hamburg
  Steinhöft 9, 20459 Hamburg, GERMANY



  • In 2017, we took a big leap of faith (a nice synonym for determination, isn’t it?) across the Big Pond.
  • Personal shelter of our pony farm since 2018
  • Size of farm: travel group
  • On-site teams: customer service teams for engineering projects, some supporting functions
  • Troy isn’t a quivering beacon of light on the West Coast, that’s for sure. Yet we must point out that the heart of the American automotive industry is plainly one beat away from our office in Michigan. On a US scale, our Californian customers are truly only a plane ride away, so that “a cat could jump across” (as we Germans would say).

TraceTronic Inc.
  550 Stephenson Hwy., Troy, MI 48083, USA

How to find us

Korea (Seoul)

  • TraceTronic on site in East Asia since 2020
  • Size of farm: Tennis doubles
  • On-site teams: Technical and customer support
  • Yes ok, you don't think of Korea directly in terms of the automotive industry, but the country is the seventh largest car nation.

TraceTronic Ltd.
  110, 13FL. KG Tower, 7 Teheran-ro 5-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of KOREA

How to find us
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Meet us face-to-face

We gladly take care of you. Just get in touch with us!

When?What?Where?What else?
09/21/23Jobmesse DresdenRudolf Harbig StadionWe will be on site!
10/14 - 10/15/23Jobmesse StuttgartCarl-Benz-ArenaWe are here for the first time!
10/24/23inova2023TU IlmenauWe will be on site!
11/04 - 11/05/23Jobmesse LeipzigCongress Hall at the ZooWe are here for the first time!
11/08/23Bonding AachenBendplatz AachenWe will be on site!
11/09/23ZWIKZwickau City HallWe will be on site!
11/14/23Karrierewege – ClassicHTW DresdenWe will be on site!
11/20/23Career Monday TU DresdenvirtualMeet us in the live stream!
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We give it all we’ve got (and a bit more if it’s possible), so that you can unleash your potential.

What’s standard for us.

Mentoring program
We provide you with an experienced team member as a mentor. Whether it's a vacation request, a bug or getting lunch – you are allowed to "get on their nerves".
Flexible working hours
Early riser or late riser?
With us you can be flexible. We rely on flextime and on you deciding as a team when, how and where you work best together.
Mobile work
Also possible.
But we really make an effort to make you feel comfortable in our offices and enjoy being there.
Team events
Escape room, raft trip, cooking classes – there's not a lot that our teams haven't tried out yet.
We are looking forward to your new ideas!
Coffee corner
We have one of those – and really only ONE!
Because experience shows that the best ideas happen at the coffee machine. And we support those flashes of inspiration with fresh, regional fruit.
Further education
We are happy to support you with your training & development goals. But true to the motto "Everything is possible – but nothing is set in stone”, we are happy to see you use your initiative.
Job bike & job ticket
Of course, you have to get to work somehow.
Sports activities
Whether it's running events, volleyball or table tennis tournaments – if you like to be active, you've come to the right place. You sweat – we pay and provide you with the right equipment.
Company pension plan
Something you have to have.
We like to add a little extra to make it worthwhile!
Money, money, money
Benefits for employees?
We get everything possible!

Extending our standards to another level.

Our mindset

Everyone aspires the “We-identity”. We are proud to say, we’ve got it ..and we keep a tight grip on it. This is a feeling, so we cannot put it into words. Why don’t you pay us a visit?

Our methods.

We foster innovate thinking and autonomous, responsible actions. To ensure this, we abide by agile work principles. And it works, we have literally been testing it for quite a while now :)

Our will to make you fly.

We give you wings, right from the get-go. To learn flying in your early days, you will have a personal mentor. Mentors support your technical onboarding and may offer advice in any situation, while you are getting to know your workplace.

Our lifestyle.

To each their own. We embrace individuality and encourage a personal balance between work and leisure . Otherwise, you can’t be at your best. At TraceTronic, you can adopt flexible working hours. And if that works well for you, it’s good for your team.

Our activity level.

Well, we aim to have fun and that’s kind of imperative. Running, volleyball, ping-pong, rock climbing, pizza-eating contests (warning: competitive level), board games and the foosball table… You will find lots to do and training partners for most activities that you can imagine.

Our party mode.

... hopefully soon vividly again!. Summer bashes and Xmas celebrations with live music and LAN-Parties… we can name it all, but describing it will always fall short. Come experience them with us (and find out who‘s the last to leave).

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Anything else? Here are the answers to all your questions!

General questions
Who can I turn to?

Generally speaking, our entire HR team supports your quest of entering our organization as one of our team members.

However, Anne Lindner and Natalie Fromme (+49 351 205768-330 | jobs@tracetronic.de) will most usually be your first persons of contact. They will gladly inform you about current job offerings and the status of your application.

Are all the available jobs up-to-date?

Yes, all job offerings listed on our homepage are valid.

As we find ourselves en route to more employee growth, we are constantly looking for new colleagues. Due to the fact that we are seeking out similar employee profiles for a variety of projects, we keep our postings online over a longer period of time. We hope that doesn’t stir up any confusion. Once we have determined that a job offering is no longer available, we will deactivate it immediately.

Application process
What should I wear for job interviews?

Pretty simple: wear what you would usually wear to feel comfortable. Your interview partners will very likely be wearing their everyday clothes, just so you know.

Formal or informal?

We are all on a first-name basis and invite you to join us at the first contact.

Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses to the interview?

We don’t generally cover your travel expenses. However, for longer journeys (e.g. when you have the interview in Dresden), we offer to reimburse your transportation costs at 30 cents per kilometer or we will cover your 2nd class train ticket. Should this apply to you, you may make travel arrangements on your own, or you could ask for our assistance in booking or travel organization in general. Enclosed in the invitation for your job interview, we will send you the travel expense sheet.

What will happen to my personal data?

Data protection is important to us. Your personal data will be treated exclusively in compliance with the regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Upon completion of your application process, your data and documents will be stored in our system up to a maximum of six months before being deleted. You may, of course, withdraw your application by sending us an email to jobs@tracetronic.de whenever you wish. Further information on the data protection regulations is available here.

Your entry

Welcome to TraceTronic! We are very excited to have you join our team soon!

In the next few weeks, we will provide you with all the information you need about your first day at work and your initial weeks at TraceTronic. Of course, we are available to you throughout the entire time for questions, suggestions and requests.

...and what will your first working day look like? A colleague from the staff will provide you with all the information about the daily work routine. To ensure that you feel at home with us right from the start, we will also provide you with an experienced team member as a mentor. This person will not only support you during your technical training, but will also be available to help you with any other questions you may have.

Your contact persons

You can apply in two ways. Either you send us your documents via the external candidate management system of the Empfehlungsbund that we use or you send us an e-mail.