Our philosophy

We see ourselves as an agile organization that develops high-quality software solutions for future vehicles and which continuously questions and improves solutions that already exist. Agile, because we put maximum self-responsibility and customer benefit first instead of hierarchies and delegation chains.

This allows us to stay autonomous, flexible and reactive, regardless of the size of the company or the teams involved. The latter are usually made up of experts from various fields who develop sustainable solutions together for our clients. To quote a colleague: ”We have a world-class team.” That pretty much says it all.

We are convinced that this way of operating only works if our employees enjoy what they do. Therefore, we have established some principles to help us to reach that goal:

For us, people are the most important part of the organization

Self-organization is crucial to our very dynamic environment and is based on trust

Networking and communication are cornerstones for accomplishing complex tasks together

Innovative strength, earning through learning, employee motivation, and customer loyalty are more important to us than profit maximization

The customer always comes first! Even if the best solution (from the customer’s point of view) might not be the most profitable (from our point of view). Generating profit is indeed important, but not the deciding factor.

Constant improvement and self-reflection are the basis for increasing quality and efficiency

With fast and continuous delivery of results, we gain happy customers and a long-lasting customer relationship

We interpret leading functions with an eye on Servant Leadership: our “leaders” represent the interests of the employees and keep an eye on the project conditions

Our organization chart

Our corporate structure supports our way of working. We rely on flat hierarchies, task-oriented interdisciplinary teams, a positive culture regarding mistakes and, most importantly, interaction at eye level.

You could definitely say that we like talking to each other – and do so a lot.

TraceTronic agile Struktur

Our development

How did it start and where is it all going? Here, we tell you why we exist, give an overview of our history and indicate what we are reaching for. Anyone interested in facts about the company will find some here.

Our network

For anyone who wants to know more about our network, we have compiled a list with a selection of partners and references.

Our locations

For anyone who wants to find out more about our company locations or simply look at some beautiful pictures, please click here.